Cracoff Finance offers

Preparation of financial statements

IFRS conversion

Preparation of group reporting packages

Consolidation of financial statements

Design of consolidation or reporting processes

Preparation of forecasts and analysis for the purpose of credit applications

Preparation of forecasts and analysis for the purpose of EU grants applications

Investment feasibility analysis

Financial analysis of a company, product or area of operation

Preparation of business plan

Improvement of finance and accounting processes

Training on making good use of spreadsheets in accounting departments

For large entities – conversion to IFRS

In the age of globalization of business transactions and because of increasing possibilities of obtaining external financing abroad, many large companies face the need to present their financial statements to foreign investors, creditors or business partners. International Standards of Financial Reporting (IFRS) is a universal set of accounting principles allowing smooth cross border exchange of financial information. Upon IPO of a group it becomes obligatory for a parent company in Poland to adopt IFRS. Often adoption of those standards by all group companies is also expected by a parent.

We will efficiently guide you through the process of conversion from currently applied principles to IFRS. Not only will we identify areas requiring different accounting treatment but also suggest detailed solutions considering accounting, IT and process perspective.


For small and medium-sized entities – optimization of financial processes

We believe that even a small or medium-sized company can benefit from practices and solutions developed by large corporations providing they are properly tailored for the company’s needs.  By  optimizing processes and increasing the use of popular spreadsheets we are able to reduce the number of manual tasks performed in accounting departments and assure that management information is be prepared smoothly.

Such process and trained employees will no longer resist changes and new ventures, they will grow with the company and even facilitate such growth.

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